Monday, 16 June 1941


W/Cdr Knowles writes his report  to DDI2 (Deputy Director, Air Intelligence Section 2) on the June moon-period’s operations:

Very bad weather conditions were prevalent during the whole of the period, and it was impossible to complete the programme.

From the 4th June to the 10th, operations were scheduled on all nights bar one, and each time they were cancelled.

Sgt Austin has been despatched to Ringway for a week-long course, where he will learn how to do agent-dropping according to the book. His crew’s determination to carry out operations is recognised in Knowles’s report:

I would like to bring to your notice the conduct of Sergeant Austin’s crew, they carried out three operational flights on three consecutive nights and their conduct has been most praiseworthy in attempting to complete their particular operations under very bad weather conditions.


TNA AIR 20 / 8334, Encl. 26A.