Saturday, 21 September 1940

Tangmere — Fontainebleau, France

The third attempt to parachute Philip Schneidau: F/O Jack Oettle makes his debut in 419 Flight as Whitley P5029’s skipper. F/Lt Walter Farley is his Second Pilot, with Sergeants Bernard and Davis as Wireless Operator & Air Gunner, and S/Ldr Ross Shore as Despatcher. Other crew remain unidentified.

Taking off from Tangmere at 23.00, they fly in bright moonlight until 20 minutes from the target, where they run into thick mist. Oettle flies as low as he dares over the target area, but still can’t see the sand pit. Yet again they abandon. On their return to Tangmere, it’s planned to give the agent and crew a night’s rest, then try again the following night. This is the last possible night of the September moon period, but Knowles knows that the weather forecast for the next few days is against them. The next attempt is postponed until the start of the next moon period, probably on 10th October.