Saturday, 4 October 1941

RAF Newmarket

Three 138 Sqn aircraft are slated for operations tonight, but at 1505 the Bomber Command SASO (Senior Air Staff Officer) states that if Newmarket operates tonight all aircraft must be back by 20.00. The reason appears to be that fog is forecast to close almost all airfields in the UK. W/Cdr Knowles has learned that Squires Gate and Sealand are forecast to remain open, but he will await the 1700 Met report before making a final decision.

At 16.55 all Bomber Command  operations are cancelled.  Initially 138 Sqn appears to be exempt, and at 1700 138 Sqn confirms that its operations are ‘on’, but at 17.55, after a telephone discussion with the SASO, W/Cdr Knowles cancels all 138 Sqn operations. Group informs Tangmere and Abingdon that they can stand down.

No operations are flown for the next week, until the 10th, due to poor weather. Knowles makes reference to this in his summary which accompanies the moon-period’s reports.


Stradishall Operations Officers’ log, TNA AIR14/2528