Friday, 7 June 1940


British and French forces are evacuated from Narvik, in northern Norway, despite being close to local victory. The catastrophic progress of events in France have persuaded the British Cabinet to make a decision to abandon Norway to German forces.

Ten Hurricanes of No. 46 Squadron are landed on the aircraft-carrier HMS Glorious for evacuation to Britain. This is a considerable feat of airmanship, as the Hurricanes have no arrester-hooks, but have had their tails weighted with sandbags; this allows the brakes to be applied hard without tipping the nose over.

Two French army officers with the Allied forces in nearby Harstad, Captain André Dewavrin and artillery Lieutenant Maurice Duclos, are evacuated on the SS Arandora Star. The ship docks in Glasgow on 13 June. Another French soldier, Michel Coulomb, is also evacuated from Norway, but not necessarily on the same ship.