Friday, 9 August 1940

RAF Ringway

S/Ldr Louis Strange and our others make the first parachute jumps over Tatton Park. Strange had earlier persuaded its owner (Maurice, Lord Egerton) to loan Tatton Park to the RAF for parachute drops. Egerton agreed, with the proviso that aircraft would not land in his park. Lord Egerton had been an aviation pioneer and is one of Strange’s early friends. This arrangement thoroughly annoys the Army, which has long cast its covetous eyes on the Park.

According to the Ringway ORB a Lysander is allotted to the Central Landing School. Another is allotted the following day. However, the Air Ministry Form 78 aircraft record cards state that both are allotted on the 10th. A memo in an Air Ministry file shows that these two aircraft are destined for ‘Special Duties’ activities.