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Monday, 12 January 1942

Kabrit – Heliopolis return

F/Lt Austin accompanies P/O Munroe in Whitley Z9146 to RAF Heliopolis, taking 3 passengers for parachute training. They return the same day.


Flight Sergeant Sgt Alvin Wilbert Reimer, RCAF, dies from his injuries at Haverhill hospital. He is buried in the local cemetery. He is twenty-one years old.

Friday, 9 January 1942


The 138 Squadron ORB records that P/O B.D.C. Gibson is posted to No. 138 Squadron from RAF Uxbridge on this date. As Sergeant Gibson he flew as John Austin’s 2nd Pilot on several sorties from June to October 1941. He has been commissioned and has flown several operations since November. For the move to Tempsford in March 1942 he is listed as ‘P/O D. Gibson’. Unless there is more than one P/O Gibson at this time the posting-date seems inaccurate. A S/Ldr C.F. Gibson is killed on a Czech operation in March 1943.

Tuesday, 16 December 1941

Newmarket – Stradishall

Bomber Command wants to use Newmarket Heath as an emergency landing field for bombers returning damaged or otherwise lost from operations against Germany.

RAF Tempsford has already been earmarked for the Special Duties squadron, but the airfield is far from ready, so the squadron has to return to Stradishall as its base for operations. Stradishall’s runways are relatively short, so operations to distant targets will have to leave from other bases.

The security the squadron has enjoyed in near-isolation at Newmarket no longer applies, and its increasing complement of Polish and Czechoslovak crews is bound to increase speculation about the squadron’s purpose and functions by the resident bomber unit, No. 214 Squadron, and may cause resentment of 138’s comparatively cushy existence during the two non-moon weeks each month. This may have a bearing on the decision to add light bombing activities to the squadron’s repertoire. Several sorties carry small G.P. bombs for targets in eastern Europe.


TNA AIR 14/2529